Environmental policy

We are well aware of the fact that every business has some effects on its environment and its close community. Our company is no exception. We try to minimize harmful effects caused by us by being responsible when it comes to environmental and social factors in our community.

We achieve that by:

  • In the purchase, storing and treatment our all our raw material we always aim at the lowest possible waste and pollution of our environment.
  • In our reduce – recycle – reuse- waste policy we always aim at the highest possible ecological and sustainable standards.
  • In the purchase and use of cleaning agents we always choose environmental safe products.
  • We aim to reduce our electricity consumption.
  • We want our company to be an active participant in our local community and to be aware of its social responsibility. To do that, we are for example an active participant of an environmental group in our municipality about climate change.
  • We also show our social responsibility by supporting diverse help organizations as well as some local charity, sports and cultural events.

Our intent is to protect the magnificent nature and surroundings of our town Höfn and want to help to preserve them for our generations to come.