Hofn Langoustine Restaurant


The property at Hafnarbraut 4 was built in 1936 -1937 by the locals in Austur- Skaftafellssýsla. It was owned by the farmers Co-op and served as a department store until 1963 when the store was moved to bigger premises. From 1963 until 2007 it housed the Co-op’s offices and management.

We bought the house in April 2007 with the purpose of changing it into a specialized lobster restaurant since we thought the town Höfn, being the lobster capital of the north, needed one.

We named the restaurant Humarhöfnin, which means the lobster harbour, and because we have the most beautiful view from our windows over the harbour where the fishermen bring in their catch.

We decided to change the ground floor back to what it looked like originally or as close as we could come and tore down some walls and false ceilings and re-discovered this beautiful “ Art Deco” staircase leading to the top floor.

Humarhöfnin offers its services to both groups and individuals. On the ground floor we have tables for 60 persons in an open and spacious room and on the top floor we have room for 30 persons or if you like some privacy we have the Boardroom seating approximately 12 persons.

Humarhöfnin specializes in courses made from local food but with the main emphasis on lobster/langoustine.


The restaurant Humarhöfnin is based on the ideology of preparing and serving local food. Our langoustine is caught by local boats operating from and landing on the pier you can see through our windows.

We buy our langoustine straight from the fishermen and producers in Höfn which guarantees freshness and quality and all other raw material is produced the region of Ríki Vatnajökuls.

We also decided to have few but good courses on the menu


We by our langoustine straight from boats/producers in Höfn to guarantee quality and freshness.
Lamb we buy from a small company in Kópasker (east Iceland). The sheep are free-range in the summertime and feed on fresh grass and herbs in the Icelandic mountains and the spring lamb is therefore as organic as possible.

Arctic Char we buy from the company Klausturbleikja in Klaustur on the south coast, put it under the grill and serve with new potatoes and a delicious lemon sauce. We also serve snoked and graved artic char as a first course.

Klettur is a new product from Skaftafell National Park. It’s smoked and dried mutton slices and we serve it with ruccola and pine nuts as a first course.

We buy our salt-fish fillets from the local producers Skinney – Þinganes and use them for Brandada, (salt-fish gratin) and we also serve them on a baguette with mango chutney and a salad.

Breði is the name of a local sheep cheese “Roquefort” we serve with redcurrant jam ginger snaps and organic biscuit.

You won’t find better potatoes than in Hornafjörður. We get ours from the farm Seljavellir (brand: red Icelandic) and serve them with everything we can. We also use them to thicken our homemade langoustine bisque.

The Herring is caught and processed by the local fish factory Skinney-Þinganes.
We serve it on our Christmas menu with a curry salad and rye bread.

And last but not the least our very own herbs are Basil, Coriander, Mint, Parsley, Oregano,Rosemary, Thyme etc. Our herbs are grown from seeds by our local gardener in Dilksnes. From there we keep them growing on our windowsills for use in kitchen and for the pleasure of our customers.

Other Spices in our cooking are for example wild organic Icelandic herbs grown in Aðaldalur, which we use for the lamb. We also offer organic tea from Aðaldalur. Our salt comes from Camarque in France and is called “Fleur de Sel”. We also use a lot of freshly ground black pepper. And at last for our Crème Brule we use real vanilla from Madagascar.


Welcome to Humarhöfnin restaurant. We hope you enjoy your dining experience.

We understand that all companies make an impact on the environment and their community. Our company is no exception. We strive to reduce the negative impact of our company by taking responsible steps regarding environmental and social factors.

We achieve this by for example;

  • Minimizing the carbon footprint of purchasing, storing and use of raw materials. Material waste is also minimized.
  • Organizing and recycling waste from Humarhöfnin using the most environmentally friendly procedures.
  • Use of only environmentally standardized products with universal ecolabels.
  • Use of energy efficient equipment only.
  • Humarhöfnin partakes in community work and realizes the importance of social responsibility. Humarhöfnin is for example working with the municipality of Hornafjörður on a project concerning climate change.
  • Philanthropy work with organizations and humanitarian programs.

We take the responsibility of protecting our beautiful nature and the environment surrounding Höfn very seriously and we aim to guarantee that future generations will get to enjoy our planet as well.